We offer a some-day hassle-free money back guarantee. This only applies to product purchased directly from this store. 
Please note-some-Day money back guarantee not applicable on unpacked/used products. Please make sure the package is in good condition and will not affect the re-sale. In addition, the shipped orders and cannot be refunded during transportation. 
Valid Proof of Purchase 
· Order number ofpurchases 
· Sales invoice or order confirmation email that clearly shows the description of the product, its price and sales channel. 
*The defective item’s serial number (usually on the bottom of the product) and/or visible proof (eg. Short video) depicting the defect will be required. 
Shipping costs should be paid by customer in the following situations: 
· Returning products withoutany proven defect. 
· Returning items claimed to have defects but foundto be in proper functioning status 
· Costs related tounauthorized returns